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Appspace 7.1 Cloud Documentation

Getting Started

Create a free account and get started with the basics around the Appspace console and app.

  • First time user overview
Appspace Console
  • Create a free account
  • Getting started with Appspace
  • Getting around the console
  • Getting around the app
  • Recommended web browsers
Appspace App
  • Download the Appspace App
  • Compatible operating systems and devices
  • Compare device media player capabilities
  • Appspace App requirements

Content & Channels

Learn about creating, managing, and publishing content and channels in Appspace.

  • Publish content to a browser
  • Schedule content in a channel
  • Organizing channels into groups
The Basics
  • Create a live stream
  • Configure EPG guides for live streams
  • Create an advanced channel
  • Add a card template

Devices & Administration

Learn about configuring and administering devices in Appspace, and how to invite users and assign permissions.

  • Publish content to a TV
  • Getting started with channel browsing
  • Inviting coworkers to Appspace
The Basics
Appspace Card Brand Controls

Video Tutorials

View short videos that show you how to get things done in Appspace.

Appspace Cards

Release Notes, Change Logs, and more

Keep up to speed with the enhancements to the Appspace platform.

Appspace Trust and Security

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